It's that time of year again!


We need to get rid of product to make room for new stuff in the new year. Box prices are listed at a base price on the amount of items in your parcel rather than value or weight. Just because you get a small box doesn't mean you'll get a smaller value item!


This is all about getting rid of items in our inventory. This includes blankets, stickers, charms, spell bottles, leftover subscription box items, books, wall art, etc--basically anything we sell or have sold at one point will be inside. 


I am not taking themed requests this time around. What you get it what you get so I can get these out the door as quickly as possible. Everything will be a surprise! You may not request specific items, however, you may request not to receive certain things (ie, Satanic/Occult themed items). 


Otherwise, everything will be a complete mystery until you open up your box!


SMALL (2-3 items)

MEDIUM (4 items)

LARGE (6 items)

MEGA (8 items)


Final Sale. No Returns or Exchanges. 

Loot Box